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I'm So Excited (2013) full free mp4 movies

I'm So Excited (2013) 

"Los amantes pasajeros" (original title)

  -  Comedy  -  28 June 2013 (USA)
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Ratings: 5.6/10 from 2,418 users   Metascore: 61/100 
Reviews: 19 user | 81 critic | 6 from
I'm So Excited (2013) free Synopsis:When it appears as though the end is in sight, the pilots, flight crew, and passengers of a plane heading to Mexico City look to forget the anguish of the moment and face the greatest danger, which we carry within ourselves.

Director: Pedro Almodóvar
Writer: Pedro Almodóvar (screenplay)
Stars: Javier Cámara, Pepa Charro, Lola Dueñas
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Release Date: 28 June 2013 (USA)
Also Known As: The Lover Passengers
Filming Locations: Ciudad Real, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain

I'm So Excited (2013)   free Storyline:
A technical failure has endangered the lives of the people on board Peninsula Flight 2549. The pilots are striving, along with their colleagues in the Control Center, to find a solution. The flight attendants and the chief steward are atypical, baroque characters who, in the face of danger, try to forget their own personal problems and devote themselves body and soul to the task of making the flight as enjoyable as possible for the passengers, while they wait for a solution. Life in the clouds is as complicated as it is at ground level, and for the same reasons, which could be summarized in two: sex and death.

I'm So Excited (2013)   free movie User Reviews:
I ignored the reviews for this flick which were mostly unfavourable figuring that Almodovar is not everybody's cup of tea. On this occasion alas I have to agree. I'm assuming this is meant to be an out and out comedy (there was a fair amount of laughter in the cinema) but to me the material was over reliant on cheap, sensationalist blowjob and gay sex gags a kind of x rated Carry On film with none of the charm and simply not funny enough.

I'm So Excited (2013) movie Online free:I figure that Almodovar fans like myself will watch this regardless of the poor reviews, as for those Almodovar virgins who may be contemplating popping their cherry avoid this and check out the great man's back catalogue.

I'm So Excited (2013)   free movie

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